The Art and Heart of Your Story:

Writing and Telling Your Stories And Truths

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Nothing blocks us more than untold stories.
Nothing is more powerful than stories whose time has come.

​(To paraphrase Maya Angelou and Victor Hugo)



Join us for a week diving deep into your writing and storytelling gifts.

Suitable for people at every stage of their work. For the nervous or inspired. For those just starting, transitioning, or years in. Welcoming and playful, raw and fluff-free. This retreat will help you reach your next level, whatever that is.

​Our stories are our superpowers. When you know and own your story, your truth, you can make magic happen. It doesn’t matter what your vocation is, your stories are what make your offering come alive. Spend a week discovering the gifts within your own true stories: ​

​Dive deep into craft, flow states and soul. Learn how to supercharge confidence and inspiration and transcend inner critics. Explore what makes a story come fully alive. Fall in love with editing, rehearsing and feedback. Master the fundamentals of hacking flow states. Access electric speaking presence. Connect to your calling.

"Dave Rock is the embodiment of passion and word artistry! A direct hit to the heart and brain. I hope you have the opportunity to experience him!"

Mary Alice Arthur, Founder, the Story Dojo, Story the Future ​


The Big Picture

Suitable for all levels. For teachers, speakers, writers, performing artists, leaders or anyone who believes in story. By the end of the week, you’ll have a much deeper connection to the power of your own stories, and the skills to reach and inspire the people you want to. You’ll be massively more confident as a writer, a storyteller and a speaker. You’ll also have the tools to keep improving your craft, confidence and creativity on an ongoing basis.

The program will change day to day, responding to your needs, inspirations and flow.

Every session will be experiential, interactive, and involve plenty of laughter, sharing and practice.

We’ll be simultaneously operating in two Zones - a Zero Shame and Judgements Zone, and a Zero Excuses and Bullshit Zone. Writing and Storytelling are about truth and beauty. Truth and Beauty are always kind, but not always gentle. At the same time as creating deep safety and acceptance, we’ll all be looking for our edge, where the growth is. Outline Program

Saturday Evening - Hearing the Call - Storytelling and Writing Games, Sharing Intentions, Desires and Needs. We’ll play some high-energy, no-pressures games, connect, get to know each other, and playfully clear away all the pressures, expectations and insecurities we all carry into these things. Then we’ll share our dreams, desires and needs for our time together.

Sunday Morning - Inspiration on Tap - You’ll Learn the Secrets to Deepening and Sustaining Flow States, to Expand Creativity, Confidence and Content. I’ll explain how you can set your life up so you can feel your greatest, and do your greatest creative work, over and over again, day after day. I’ll share the latest neuroscience hacks, and the tricks ultra-creatives use, and you’ll make yourself a map of sustainable creative growth.

Sunday Afternoon - Making the Moment Magic - You’ll Practice Embodying the Secrets of Genius Storytellers. We’ll spend time playing with some simple, radically magical tricks and tools to bring stories to life. You’ll learn how to use these for any story, speech, workshop, gig, conversation…..

Followed by Free/Time Creativity Walk

Sunday Night - Games, Stories, Songs

Monday Morning - There’s no Such Thing as Writer’s or Speaker’s Block - How We Sabotage or Supercharge Flow. We’ll explore how there’s no need to ever buy into being ‘blocked.’ I’ll explain how people create ‘blocks’ and how you can always playfully and practically side-step them, and keep flow going.

Monday Afternoon - Hearing Your Heart’s Call - Exploring Your Unique Stories, and Your Unique Calling, Connecting to the Gifts. We’ll use simple deep practices to connect to the essence of your calling. Not just as an idea, but as a place inside to come from, a connection in your body, nervous system, your spirit if you like. We’ll look at how we can deepen connection to calling with just a few minutes every day, and keep amplifying confidence, motivation, action etc that way.

Monday Night - Group Dinner Out

Tuesday Morning - There’s No Such Thing as a Boring or Fascinating Topic - Discover What Makes Any Topic or Story Come Alive, or Become Lifeless. This is about two different dynamics - the pure energy of fascination on the one hand, and multiplying the perspectives you can offer on any given thing on the other. I’ll give you easy, profound lenses which empower you to express the incredible depth and breadth of any topic.

Tuesday Afternoon - Activating Fascination - We’ll explore how to access and amplify fascination in both writing and speaking/storytelling. This will be lots of playful, inspiring games.

Followed by Free Time to Explore, Go on Outings etc.

Wednesday Afternoon - To Write is Human, to Edit is Divine The difference between most okay or good writing and most great writing is editing. Editing is what takes raw potential and turns it into art. Most writers produce mountains of garbage in our lives. The craft of sifting for gold, and turning that gold into something, that’s where the sublime sneaks in.

Wednesday Afternoon - To Write is Human, to Edit is Divine continued…

Wednesday Night - Games, Stories, Songs

Thursday Morning and Thursday Afternoon - Whatever is Most Inspired On Thursday we will work with whatever questions, tools and processes are most valuable to the group, stemming from your journey till then. We’ll explore what the most transformational next steps are for you, and how to make them real and easy. In this way we’ll crystallise and ground the learning and shifts from the week, and set you up to keep on embracing and expanding confidence, creativity and craft for the rest of your life.

About Dave

Dave Rock is an award winning spoken word artist, and a storyteller. For 10 years he’s taken thousands of people on a journey to Live and Speak their Gifts. He teaches CEOs, award winning performing artists, alternative communities, comedians, clowns, teachers and speakers. His work fuses playful, profound creative practices with cutting edge Flow neuroscience, and aims at Unconditional Love and Unconditional Fun. He’s co-taught with Jamie Catto and many other top-notch creatives. He was recently voted one of the top 10 speakers of the Online Embodiment Conference, from a line-up of 140 of the world’s best.

"Working with Dave was a revelation. He's extremely gifted and gets you right to the heart of things, honing in on the sheer potential of every moment, and bringing you back to the deeper meaning in what you do."

Suzanna Geraghty, Actress, United Solo Theater Festival Award Winner, Audience Favorite Award, New York

Practical Stuff

Places limited to 8 people, early booking is a good idea! A sliding scale is offered, €580-700 for the whole week, including vegetarian food, board and tuition, flights and transfer separate. You can choose whether to pay the low or higher rate depending on your circumstance, totally up to you.

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Travel Info

We recommend you use our airport pickup service to get to the retreat. To use the service, you will need to book a flight arriving at Bordeaux Merignac by 3pm on Saturday 11th May, this allows time for acclimatisation, rest and evening meal. On Friday 17th May we will be able to return to the airport for flights leaving from 2pm onwards.

If you are travelling across Europe by train, you can also be collected from Bordeaux with the group being collected from the airport.

Parking is available if you wish to travel in your own/hire car. If you are driving yourself, please arrive by 6.00pm on Saturday 11th in time to join the group for an evening meal and have an introduction to the Retreat.

Get in touch with any questions about travel and accommodation.

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Saturday 11th May 2019 -
Friday 17th May 2019

Cost: €580 - 700
(Includes tuition, meals and shared twin room)

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Number of places: 8

Sold Out


Dave Rock

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