Room Share Guidelines

Retreats at Cariton are designed for small groups to have rich experiences.

We can accommodate a maximum of 8 people in shared twin rooms. If your retreat is not sold out a single room may be available, but this may not be confirmed till shortly before commencement of the retreat.

Our rooms vary slightly in size and amenities. One room has a balcony for instance and one a hand basin. All have amazing vineyard views. Room prices for retreats will not vary to take this into account, but will be allocated on a 'first come first served' basis.

All beds have storage areas beside for each guest to neatly stow their belongings. All have beside lights.

We expect guests to follow basic sharing etiquette, such as keeping noise levels in bedrooms to a minimum, most especially in the hours when others are resting. Using your light minimally after hours. Keeping your belongings neatly on your side of the space and not cluttering communal areas.

For your peace of mind we provide the following support regards sharing with new people:

Gender matched pairings

Personality matched pairings – for instance we will ask if you consider yourself lively and sociable or more quiet and reserved of temperament in new situations and whether you consider yourself more a lark or an owl, i.e. 'morning or night person'.

You are also welcome to email us at any time if you have specific concerns regarding sharing and equally contact us with any issues during the retreat you want discretely flagged up.

We trust you will enjoy the camaraderie of working and co-habiting together and find the family atmosphere nourishing and supportive.